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drone data security

Drone Data Security: An explanation

DAVID WALTERS Are you adhering to your clients data security and privacy requirements, as well as your own?  Not long ago, the US banned Chinese...
terrorist drone

Who’s selling drones to terrorist groups?

CRAIG DAVIDENKO You are only as good as the company you keep, right? The "drone price" wars that are going on right now are currently fueling...

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drone detection kelvin

UK’s Kelvin Hughes set to launch new drone detection radar

Leading British security and surveillance systems manufacturer, Kelvin Hughes, focuses their eyes on the counter-drone industry with the launch their latest system, the SMS-D. The SMS-D...
drone scrambler

Showcase: The Scrambler 300 Drone Rifle

Unveiled as the Scrambler 300, a new counter-drone rifle enters the arena. Faced to the growing threat of weaponized drones & UAVs, French company MC2-Technologies has been...