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We had executives looking for guidance on how to protect their assets from the Drone Security threat. We had businesses looking to protect their drones from people threats. They were saying “If the US military has a dedicated combat training group dedicated to the area, why not us?”

Then the counter-drone industry began – with many apparent solutions for detection and response, but little technical knowledge released to the public. Our tech loving side wanted to hear it from the people on the ground, both in the counter-drone companies and outside of it.

So the DroneSec podcast was born! We’re quite steadfast against rambling podcasts, and our aim was to make something short and punchy, primed to inform those who need it most (with a light-hearted touch). We  have lined up some of the coolest players in the industry, from drone hackers, SDR/RF engineers, entrepreneurial CEOs and front-line journalists in the Middle East who’ve witnessed the ISIS drone threat first hand.

We think this podcast will allow you to make informed business decisions and separate the snake-oil from the genuine solutions. That being said, we’re a small team and want to give you quality over quantity. The first episode will be launching in early April on a number of various platforms, so subscribe to get the alert or follow us on SoundCloud. We will add iTunes, Spotify and other platforms as they come up!

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