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Iraqi special forces uncover secret ISIS ‘drone factory’ in Mosul

An Iraqi policeman watches a drone hover near the village of Arbidvideo

A makeshift 'drone factory' has been found in Mosul by Iraqi special forces. BBC correspondents report the Islamic State drone factory contained many parts of commercial and shop-bought drones. These drones were then modified to suit surveillance and remote-detonation needs.   Just last week two soldiers were killed when a light commercial drone packed with explosives crashed into their position. Lately however, surveillance...

ISIS deployed drones armed with ‘explosives and mustard gas’

explosion rocks a city

IN AN EXCLUSIVE interview with Reuters on Sunday, a Kurdish-Iraqi official has told of horrific war crimes being committed by ISIS fighters via the use of explosives in commercial drones such as the DJI Phantom 4. Drones strapped with explosives, sometimes carrying payloads filled with chlorine and mustard gas, have been used in the intense battle for Iraq’s second largest city...