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Drones might just be the answer to deforestation


BioCarbon Engineering, an Oxford based startup founded by ex-NASA engineer Lauren Fletcher, has taken the initiative to plant 1 billion trees a year by enlisting the help of drones. Dr. Susan Graham, an Australian engineer is also part of the team developing the drones that will help with the procedural seeding of forests. The massive seeding process utilises two types of drones:...

UK’s Kelvin Hughes set to launch new drone detection radar

drone detection kelvin

Leading British security and surveillance systems manufacturer, Kelvin Hughes, focuses their eyes on the counter-drone industry with the launch their latest system, the SMS-D. The SMS-D will be among the first of their integrated medium-range radar based surveillance system addressing the need for the detection and tracking of small aerial threats. The Kelvin Hughes SMS (Single Mast Solution) drone detection system provides situational awareness, with...

Showcase: The Scrambler 300 Drone Rifle

drone scrambler

Unveiled as the Scrambler 300, a new counter-drone rifle enters the arena. Faced to the growing threat of weaponized drones & UAVs, French company MC2-Technologies has been developing the technology, reportedly capable for jamming every telecommunication protocol between a drone and its pilot. (We assume this means for most commercially released drones today.) Both mobile and transportable, the handheld rifle is aimed at defending...