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Do you think drones are the next big thing? We do too! Check out these industry leaders in the area and what they're up to. Whether you're looking to invest or even scoping out the competition- this is where you'll find it.

Someone just purchased the DroneGun to protect a multi-million dollar asset

dronegun sale

EDITORS NOTE: At first - we decided it may be a little biased of us to report on DroneSec as we invest in the company in the form of shares. This investment was made almost on the day of launch on the Australian Stock Market (ASX). We were unable to determine which angle to take on the story. When the...

3 Drone Security Startups Making Rogue Pilots Think Twice

Drone Security Startup Skywall

WITH THE RECENT popularization of drones, some drone security startups have been noticing an increasing number of unmanned aircraft in our airways. Although some of these aircraft are piloted by experienced commercial operators, the majority of new drones are piloted by individuals who have little no experience, and as such some serious concerns have arisen. Drones are frequently spotted flying over...