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CASA reveals detailed drone penalties for Aussie offenders


CASA has recently published the details of the fines applicable to drone operators violating the safety rules and has set harsher penalties for any further breaching of rules. One drone pilot was fined $1,440 on two counts of violations by flying in restricted airspace of the Sydney Harbour, including flying within 30 metres of civilians. Another drone incident occurred in regional NSW,...

ISIS deployed drones armed with ‘explosives and mustard gas’

explosion rocks a city

IN AN EXCLUSIVE interview with Reuters on Sunday, a Kurdish-Iraqi official has told of horrific war crimes being committed by ISIS fighters via the use of explosives in commercial drones such as the DJI Phantom 4. Drones strapped with explosives, sometimes carrying payloads filled with chlorine and mustard gas, have been used in the intense battle for Iraq’s second largest city...