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We are cyber security professionals and avid data analytics fans. We are drone and drone racing fans, and enjoy and support the drone hobby industry – including our own drones.

DroneSec first started when we realised we could hack drones straight out of the sky…scary huh? Since then, DroneSec has been dedicated to the world of Drone Security, exploring the counter-drone and anti-uav industries top stories, analysis and events.

In 2016, DroneSec was born and with it, workshops on offensive and defensive Drone Security. In 2017, we started helping companies with their drone security problems – both to protect drones and defend their assets against them. We work with a number of first-to-market companies that we identify to help and secure clients against ‘evil rotors’.

In 2018 DroneSec met Privasec. A professional cyber security firm with a range of experts from different backgrounds. This injection of skills and manpower further empowers DroneSec to deliver the high-quality tailored services they were previously known for. In 2019, DroneSec grew its service capability and offering to provide a number of solutions to a variety of organisations throughout APAC and the rest of the world.

Our goal is to see the drone hobbyist and commercial space grow fully entrenched in security, which means we spend a lot of time on research. We produce frameworks to harden and protect drones against misuse or damage, and playbooks to protect your assets against unwanted eyes in the sky.

We understand that Drone Security is both a growing industry and a future problem. Looking for drone hacking, counter-drone solutions, drone development security programs, industry research or media enquiries? Get in touch and let’s see how we can help you.