AUSTRALIA – Often the thought of dangerous critters, sweeping outback and lazy sunsets comes to mind. For Dr. Catherine Ball however, her vision of Australia is one of innovation and economic metamorphosis to the sweet, sweet sound of humming rotors.

On 31st August in Brisbane, Queensland, the World of Drones Congress kicks off to the beat of talks, workshops and demos by renowned drone experts and evangelists. Participants hail from all over the world, showcasing the likes of Facebook, Skytango, The Drone Girl and the Shenzhen UAV Association among a plethora of local talent.

You see, Australia has long supported the notion of implementing drone-powered business applications. Google’s Project Wing came to the land down under to test their drone deliveries in prime outback space. Aussie-founded Dronesforhire connects and provides anyone access to a drone operator at the push of a button, Australia Post boast an innovation lab at the forefront of delivery testing with drones and counter-UAS companies such as Department 13 and DroneShield have local business and ASX shareholders.

Freedom Drones opened up 2017 with the founding of Center of Drone Excellence (CoDE) at Lardner Park – the first of its kind in Asia-Pacific. Dedicated to drone operators, testing opportunities and education in the sector, its location in the state of Victoria looks to quickly become the central hub for all movements in the sector. So how has Australia been able to capitalize on this industry so quickly? Easy, we have some of the most forward-thinking and flexible legislation relating to drone operators, licenses and fly zones in the world – largely thanks to CASA.

Combine these elements, and you have the perfect Launchpad for a forum dedicated to the business and application of drones – the World of Drones Congress seeks to capture just that. Not to shy away from the scary stuff, WoDC is also covering the area of drone security (*DroneSec editors cheer!*) , where Mike Monnik will present on “Understanding the Drone Threat: A hacker’s perspective.” If you’re planning on attending, please do reach out to [email protected] beforehand to have a chat.

The full conference is roughly $1000 AUD, covering 4 days in total with two of those talks and the other two days consisting of workshops, demos and tournaments. If you would like to attend specific sessions however, or half/one day events, there are some decent discounts available (including a 3 for 2 deal). The congress is based around a few key themes, with ‘pick and choose’ tickets available for those with short time-frames.

Ticket sales are closing fast as the launch date nears – don’t delay in joining us for a major world first!

You can find the program agenda here:


  • Investment & Venture Capital
  • New Jobs & Training for Drones


  • Drones & Smart Cities
  • Emergency Response
  • Media, Recreation and Sport


  • Safety & Security
  • Big Data & Cyber Resilience
  • Risk, Regulation & Insurance


  • Resources & Construction
  • Agriculture & Biosecurity
  • Environment & Conservation

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