Intel’s drones will be taking to the skies to perform a five minute light show as part of the fifth act in the upcoming Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP).

This will be the first time a drone light show will be performed during a NDP and with over 300 drones in the air simultaneously, this will make it the largest drone event in SE Asia.

The various shapes that the drones will display during the fifth act of NDP will include those such as: an outline of Singapore Island, A heart with a crescent and five stars, NDP 2017 logo, a hashtag, The Merlion, Children and an arrow.

Developed and manufactured by Intel, The Shooting Star drones were specifically designed for light show performances by manoeuvring into complex aerial formations consisting of hundreds of illuminated drones flying together.

How it works

The drones will perform the light show by hovering over the waters of Marina Bay instead of hovering over the public. Each drone comes equipped with built-in LED lighting capable of producing over four billion colour combinations. The Shooting star drones are capable of staying airborne for up to twenty minutes before their batteries are depleted.

All 300 drones are operated using a single computer, utilising customised software that lets the light show team create and edit the drone formations ahead of the show. Once the formation layout is designed, the software then automatically calculates the number of drones that will be required to complete the formation and how each drone would be positioned among other drones, as well as calculating the quickest route from ground to sky required for the formation.

To ensure the safety of audiences, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has set temporary restrictions on all aerial activities over the Marina Bay Floating Platform as well as its immediate surrounding areas.

Last year, Intel performed a light show using 500 Shooting Star drones flying in various formations. The performance also led to Intel setting a new world record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously.

Other events where Shooting Star drones were extensively used include Lady Gaga’s 51 Halftime Superbowl 51 show and Disney World.