IMIsystems announced the RedSky 2 Drone-Defender, their most effective low altitude point and air defence solution against the rising drone threat.

The new Drone-Defender system underwent an extensive testing phase in January, where it was briefly tested against various conditions including day, night and adverse weather effects. IMIsystems is expecting to begin delivering its first batch of systems by this year. Last month representatives from 14 countries received a live demonstration of the system’s automated detection, tracking and intercepting capabilities.

RedSky can be set to be operated as an active system or as a reactive system that only functions upon triggering an alarm once an unknown object enters its detection vicinity.

The original RedSky was a short ranged automatic aerial defence system capable of automatic scanning, tracking and engaging targets using MANPAD missiles. The Red Sky 2 brings the addition of the Drone-Defender component previously not present in the older version of the system. The addition of the Drone-Defender unit will increase its utility to detect and intercept drones.

RedSky 2
Illustration of RedSky2’s range of effect. PHOTO: IMIsystems

The system is compatible enough to be integrated into the existing defence systems of facilities and easily be relocated to required venues or be mounted on vehicles to protect against aircraft and drones. Its designed to detect, disrupt and neutralise UAVs engaging in hostile activities. Preventing infiltration of sensitive premises such as Military bases, Airports, Stadiums, Critical Government structures.


Watch the RedSky 2 in action


Technical Specifications Overview


What is IMIsystems ?

Established in 1933, Israeli Military Industries Ltd (IMI) is an Israel based weapons producer of ammunition, arms and state of the art military technologies primarily for the Israeli army. Owned by the Government, IMI is also a prominent dealer of small-arms across the world. IMI is responsible for the design and production of popular small-arms such as the Uzi Submachine gun and the Desert Eagle.