A Russian software company named CopterSafe has released a new lineup of NFZ(No-Fly Zone) mods for the DJI drone.

Coptersafe website shows NFZ mods have been programmed specially for various models of DJI drones. The mods effectively remove the range limiter and allows users to bypass the default no-fly restrictions that come with stock DJI drones. The NFZ mod works by tricking the GPS into allowing flight on restricted zones and no-fly areas. According to the product description, the NFZ mod can be activated and configured directly using the RC remote. The video shows the NFZ mod being activated on a Phantom 4 to perform a takeoff in a no-fly zone.

The mods are available in the form of both chipset and software downloads. The most affordable mod, the PH4 NFZ chipset sells for $200. Other mod such as the ATTI mod which effectively removes the default 500 metre height limitation is also available. Both NFZ and ATTI can be purchased as a bundle for $350. Prices differ based on the model of drone.

The implications for violating aviation laws can lead to severe financial penalties. Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) can impose fines up to $9000 for flying a drone above the permitted heights of 120m over a populated area, which includes major cities and within 5km of helicopter channels and airports.