This document looks at the establishment of a drone program within a city or council, and the security constraints that go along with it.


  1. Executive Summary

    2. Introduction
    Drone System Challenges
    Privacy Considerations
    Threats to Drone Systems
    Examples of drone incidents

    3. Municipal Drone System Operational Security Goals

    4. Drone System Cyber Security Needs

    Establish Governance for the Drone Program
    Establish a Policy Management Framework
    Establish Personnel Security Guidelines
    Establish Configuration Control Board (CCB)

    Integrated System Design
    Threat Model
    Privacy Impact Assessment
    Safety Impact Assessment

    Acquisition Security
    Platform Security Validation
    Service Provider Security Level Agreements
    Software Selection
    Inventory Management

    Integration / Test / Deployment
    Establish Authentication and Authorization Procedures
    Flexible Policy Management
    Secure Communications
    Municipal Drones Database
    Secure Data at Rest
    Functional Security Tests
    Review 3rd Party Code
    Assure Availability
    Location Tracking Assurance
    Safeguarding against Communication Channels Disruption/Jamming
    Maintain Integrity Controls and Guard against Malware
    Software/Firmware/ Patch Management
    System-wide Penetration Tests
    Incident Response

    5. Delivering Cyber Security through Drone Systems


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