Leading British security and surveillance systems manufacturer, Kelvin Hughes, focuses their eyes on the counter-drone industry with the launch their latest system, the SMS-D.

The SMS-D will be among the first of their integrated medium-range radar based surveillance system addressing the need for the detection and tracking of small aerial threats.

The SMS-D by Kelvin Hughes. Photo courtesy Kelvin Hughes

The Kelvin Hughes SMS (Single Mast Solution) drone detection system provides situational awareness, with range, velocity and altitude data being presented to the operator and fed into other systems allowing for informed decision-making.

The system is capable of detecting drones up to 1.5 km away. The latest addition to the Kelvin Hughes SMS-D can automatically lock-on to aerial targets; seeing a multi-faceted approach from drones to even helicopters using its video tracking system.

Jonathan Field, the Director of Security Systems and Sensors said SMS-D aims to provide a fully integrated package of radar, electro-optical sensors and software providing an incredibly sophisticated yet very cost-effective solution against drone threats.

Kelvin Hughes will be demonstrating their SMS-D official launch at the Security & Policing event scheduled to take place in Britain, along with other drone detection systems. The SMS-D will be installed on a mock perimeter fence and connected to Kelvin Hughes’ CxEye™, a control and display software capable of  integrating data from a range of sensors into a single, user-friendly interface.

The CxEye™ user interface

The system can be attached to a permanent structure or even be mounted on military vehicles. Its design incorporates the use of radar, optical and thermal imaging devices to allow for full surveillance of any perimeter or border.

While Kelvin Hughes’ solution is designed for detection and tracking of UAVs, it will face competition against reactive systems that force drones to land or return home.


Kelvin Hughes drone security

Who is Kelvin Hughes?

Headquartered in the Enfield, North London, UK, Kelvin Hughes Ltd operates as the worldwide leader in the development, manufacture and supply of surveillance, security radar systems and maritime navigation. It has set the international standard in solid state radar sensor technology with its SharpEye™ and several leading tactical and situational awareness radar display softwares in the market.

Kelvin Hughes has a comprehensive list of technological inventions dating all the way back to in 1948 with their first type approved radar, continuing in the radar sensors and systems space.

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