Unveiled as the Scrambler 300, a new counter-drone rifle enters the arena. Faced to the growing threat of weaponized drones & UAVs, French company MC2-Technologies has been developing the technology, reportedly capable for jamming every telecommunication protocol between a drone and its pilot. (We assume this means for most commercially released drones today.)

drone scrambler

Both mobile and transportable, the handheld rifle is aimed at defending critical areas and buildings from nefarious UAVs. Carried in a black bag, the target is locked on by the microwave gun where the signals are disrupted.

The drone rifle is capable of detecting UAVs at 500 meters and can jam the target once it reaches within 300 meters, operating in the L, S and C bands. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) jamming can be activated at 150 meters.

drone scrambler

On field operation requires the user to aiming the microwave rifle at the target and activate it to initiate the jamming process once the drone is within the range. The battery currently allows for 2.5 hours on operating mode and can stay on for 60 hours in stand-by mode. The battery operated rifle weighs 14 kg and requires just one person to ‘aim and fire’ in a traditional manner; similar to the DroneGun released by DroneShield.

The tech



Who is MC2-Technologies?

Created in 2004, MC2-Technologies is a French R&D company based in Lille – the company is mainly supported by the French Military of Defense, allowing them to work on critical prototypes in the wireless and security space.

Their portfolio covers a wide range of products in the Radio Frequency (RF) space, with the company’s initial offering being in the area of Microwave devices. Another claim to their name is the world’s first radiometric imaging systems for security applications (MM-imager). The products based on MM-Imager series allows to detect hidden objects through clothes for all kind of checkpoints and security, mobile or static applications.

Current MC2-Technologies research areas include developing imaging systems to see through walls or through packages, and the aforementioned counter-drone security system.

For any interest in the technology, or enquiries, MC2-Technologies are available via email at: [email protected]