A pilot flying GoPro’s flagship hobby drone, the Karma, has ended up crashing into the window of a Manhattan apartment. The apartment was on the 27th floor, with the 65 year old woman being startled as she worked on her computer.

It was around 5:45pm on Sunday when the drone barged into the East River high rise apartment, breaking through the window and shattering glass across the floor.

The Police are trying to identify the owner of the GoPro Karma quadcopter drone, who was suspected to have fled when the Karma landed just 4 feet away from the woman. The fine, if caught, is sure to be a little more dear than losing your new Karma.

The drone itself measures 1 by 1 foot and weighs 2.2 lbs (30″x30″cm and 1kg for us Aussies – both legal and not required to be registered with CASA woo!) and was equipped with a camera and a 10-inch propellers.

Here at DroneSec, the almost unanimous thought was that it must be Casey Neistat, famous for flying his Karma around New York. Sorry Casey, no ill-thoughts meant!

The Federal Aviation Administration is also looking into the case. Owners are required to register their device with the FAA for drones ranging between .55 and 55 pounds — so that it can be traced back to the owner. In 2017, more than 670,000 drones have been registered with the FAA.

It might be possible for the Police to trace back the owner by using a serial number found on the base and battery of the drone, sources said.

karma drone crash
A new GoPro Karma fold-able drone is seen flying during a press event in Olympic Valley, California on September 19, 2016. JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images

Recreational drones are banned from flying over New York City and nearly everywhere else in the city, except in the five designated outer boroughs parks and public recreation areas in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

According to the Federal Aviation law, it is illegal to fly drones fewer than five miles from the JFK airports in all directions. Earlier in July, a 52-year-old man was arrested for flying a drone just 20 feet below a passenger jet as it was landing at JFK Airport.

A GoPro Karma with the camera accessory retails for $1,100, but customers have the option of one without a GoPro camera for $800. No confirmation was found on whether the drone involved had a GoPro camera mounted or not.

GoPro representatives have been unresponsive to requests for any comment on the event.