WATCH: Drone films face-off with gun wielding woman


Most of the world is quite familiar with drone laws, with cases of drones shot down often ending in favor of the drone. Of course, having a drone peering just meters into your window can be quite creepy!

Obviously this woman felt compelled to get rid of it, first throwing rocks, then re-appearing with a gun! After the woman takes aim, the drone retreats to a safe distance, and the woman heads back inside.

Due to the lack of sound in the video, it’s unclear whether the woman actually fired a shot, simply aimed, or it was an airsoft rifle. Either way, the drone pilot has a good idea that the woman means business.

The counter-drone market has been quick to react to drones in high-security or populous areas, but not quite any sign of personal use by the public. In fact, there isn’t much in the way of drone security budgets at the moment, with prices for anti-drone equipment hard to estimate.

Will 2017 see the rise of personal, cheap and effective anti-drone solutions? We find it hard to believe, especially considering the tough regulations around bringing drones done – this is essentially due to them being part of the aviation field, governed by FAA in the US and CASA in Australia.

It is unknown if law enforcement are looking into the matter at this time.