Here at DroneSec, we’re super pleased to announce a few features (and our podcast!) as we cover the world of Drone Security, Hacking and Hardening.

Facebook instant articles

First off, DroneSec now utilises ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ technology – which means you should now be able to read all of our stories on lightning fast integrated HTML5.

This means that you won’t have to open links in your browser – your mobile should instantly load the article on Facebook. This means no waiting for images, ads or other stories to load!

This was a pretty highly requested feature by readers wanting to gain quick insight into an article without escaping the facebook app. Go check it out on any of our published articles on mobile!

DroneSec Careers (jobs & hiring)

We are hiring! That’s not all though, we’ve been speaking to lots of businesses who are also hiring for Drone Security related roles. We are partnering with one of the world’s best hiring experts to make this a reality – more news on that soon! [email protected]

Looking to hire?

  • We connect with thousands of readers from the engineering, aviation, cyber security and drone/rpas/uav industries
  • We can help you find industry professionals (or just someone with drive!) with a passion to work in a drone-security related environment
  • We’d love to help your business find the perfect match. For each hire connected via DroneSec, we will donate $200 to the World Wildlife Foundation.

Looking for work?

  • Currently friends of DroneSec are looking for people with passion, and…
  • Information Security, Engineering, Data Analytics, Drone Imagery, Programming
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR/RF), Web Design, Social Media Managers
  • Drone/RPAS/UAV Certified, Business Development, Sales, Research Academics

We love hackers. If you’re an information security/cyber security/pentester in the field and secure a position through DroneSec, we will donate $200 to Hackers Helping Hackers.

DroneSec podcast 

drone security podcast

That’s right – the DroneSec podcast will cover news, events, guests interviews and product analysis relating to drone security, defense, safety…everything you see on DroneSec in more depth and personalised.

We have some amazing interviews lined up with hackers, counter-drone guys, updates on the ISIS drone situation in the Middle East, and investment advice on the various anti-drone startups.

However, we would love your input. If you would like to be on the show, would like to see someone on the show, have questions to be asked or discussed, or would like to sponsor shoot us an email at: [email protected]

Some of the key items in developing the podcast include:

  • Bringing sound, well-rounded knowledge and education on Drone Security, Defense and Counter-drone solutions to the general public
  • Enforcing security-oriented design and discussion before the drone industry really takes off (just have a look at how the internet has ended up!)
  • Enabling people to gain industry knowledge on the subject, becoming experts in their field and building businesses in the area
  • Connecting those with a passion in the area with each other, and giving C-level executives an ‘eye-on-the-sky’ of current drone security world events

The first DroneSec podcast launches in March 2017.

We cannot describe how incredibly excited we are in launching the podcast. This is only coupled with the incredible community we have seen build and grow in the past few months of DroneSec’s existence. Any questions about what you’ve read here, contact us.