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Iran bans drones in Tehran over security concerns

Iran has placed a ban on privately owned drones from flying over Tehran following shooting down of two drones in the past weeks due to security concerns.

Military officials have been said to grant licenses only to relevant bodies, but no more to individuals.

Drones have seen a rising popularity in Tehran, and have already begun to upset the locals by invading their privacy.

Ali Reza Rabi’i, the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has said, “These quadcopters are equipped with cameras and can fly over sensitive sites, film them and be exploited by the enemy,”.

A drone was shot down in December when it entered the no-fly zone (the area surrounding the offices of the state’s top officials), which at the time included Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

However, the drone was found to have been owned by state television, and claims to have been flying with the intentions of filming for a documentary.

Another incident last month took place at the centre of Tehran, where their ‘Khatam al-Anbia’ air defence system fired its anti-aircraft guns at an unidentified drone, but was unsuccessful in destroying the device.

Officials declared on Monday that permits must now be obtained for all drones, but individuals will be restricted from obtaining licenses.