Drone security, it’s new, daunting and reflects the pace at which innovative technology can change the face of an industry. Training in the industry is almost non-existant. Drones themselves however, have been around for quite some time, and have allowed certified ‘pilots’ to become experts in flying drones with skill and precision.

That’s the ethos behind one Canadian mining company in Guyana, South America, who believe they can provide experience to emerging security companies. The company, Aurora Gold Mines (AGM) has been using drones to survey its mine properties, monitor the environment and conduct security surveillance of the area for some time now.

Being quite an unsaturated market, and having some employees with formidable drone-surveillance skills behind them, the company’s manager Violet Smith offered free training to relevant security agencies.

The move comes after repeated concerns by Guyana about the large inflow of guns and drugs from neighboring country, Brazil.

Violet spoke in regard to the apparent need, stating: “We have heard that there is a mood, a trend to look at drones, introduce drones in that (security) sector. We are not part of that but we have written (guidelines/training)…so we have said ‘we have someone who is an expert in this would be in country for a month. Are you interested in teaching some persons?’”

What AGM is offering:

* Company drone specialists to consult and train Guyanese security personnel
* Cutting edge technology experience in their sector with surveillance
* Training for fire, hospital and emergency response services

* No-fee training, made possible by cheaper drones

Drone Security training covers a wide range of topics, and it’s suggested AGM would have experience in surveillance and physical piloting. As of 2016, there were no official company offerings for drone security training by any publicly-known companies. Drone security workshops were seen at a number of conferences however, including drone hacking at Platypuscon in Sydney, Australia.

Similar to Cyber Security, some of the best drone security training and innovations may come from parallel fields, due to the growth and experience seen in non-security industries.

So far, the government have not responded to any of AGM’s offerings for drone security training.