• DroneShield set to host demonstration of products in March 2017
  • The event will take place in the U.S Government Military training area
  • The demonstration is expected to appeal to a significant number of U.S. and its allied government agencies.
  • Announced soon after ISIS released a video demonstrating remote controlled drone bomb attacks in Mosul, Iraq.

DroneShield Ltd (ASX: DRO) has announced an exhibition of its newest line of drone detection products in March 2017 through their U.S government organisation partnership.

The demo is planned to showcase capabilities of drone detection and countermeasure products of DroneShield. The event will primarily focus on DroneShield products.

The announcement followed some unsettling news about commercial drones being used in the middle east by both fighting sides. Even more recently a video emerged, reportedly from ISIS, depicting footage of a remote-controlled drone dropping explosive payloads in Mosul, Iraq.

isis bomber
ISIS propaganda has previously shown militants using drones for aerial reconnaissance but it is the first time the group has used one of the unmanned aerial vehicles for attack.

A considerable number of U.S military and security agency representatives, along with other non-U.S allied counterparts are anticipated to attend the DroneShield demonstration. The event will be vetted for participation with attendees undoubtedly holding current U.S security clearances.

With counter-drone technology often being utilised by that of governments and militaries, careers in the drone security industry are speculated to spike in the coming years – this would encompass the need for security clearances, further limiting the intake of applicants.

A question such organisations may need to ask very soon is what kind of education, experience and security levels they’ll be looking at when hiring positions in drone security.

DroneShield’s product demonstration is anticipated to further solidify their position as a global leading name within the drone security domain.The products that will be demonstrated in the event include the following :

DroneGun – The portable tactical drone jammer
Omnidirectional Sensor – 180 degree wide angle near range detection
Long Range Sensor – Long-range (up to 1km) drone detection with precise sector positioning (30 degree cone)

Who is DroneShield?

We first learned of DroneShield when it was announced they would be the ones protecting the Boston Marathon after the previous year’s fatal terrorist bombing. We thought that was a move that took integrity, not just trying to line their own pockets. When they announced they were opening up a Sydney office and doing an Australian IPO, we couldn’t miss the chance to invest!

The company is currently based in Sydney and Virginia, a world-wide leader in drone security technology. They developed the pre-eminent drone security solution (DroneShield) that protects people, organisations and critical infrastructure from intrusion from drones. Its leadership brings world-class expertise in engineering and physics, combined with deep experience in defence, intelligence, and aerospace. Heavy spending into its research sector has recently resulted in the DroneGun – a tactical anti-drone weapon capable of taking down drones peacefully within a nifty range.

The various uses of DroneShield technology (droneshield.com)

Can I invest in the company? How much are shares?

Yes you can! To invest in DroneShield, simply open an account with a broker (we use the CommSec app) and select DRO on the ASX to trade in shares. DroneShield also keeps in touch with their investors in the latest news and press releases via ASX and via their investors portal.