Throughout the past couple of months we have seen drone security develop to assist with security threats that businesses and civilians face daily. In a previous article it was mentioned Aptonomy Inc. developing a drone security system that acted as a flying “security guard” which would monitor a chosen area. But what if there was a system that went further than monitoring not only outside your home, but also within?

On Tuesday, revealed its plans for developing a home security drone at a technology trade-show known as CES. The idea is that if you hear any funky business going on at your home at night, you can simply grab your smartphone and watch a live video stream of your home security drone checking it out.

Many companies – such as Aptonomy Inc., Sunflower Labs, Secom Co., DJI, etc. have already offered drone-based services that act as security guards and monitor the perimeter of a property or business from a distance. However nothing yet has been developed to fly indoors.

The system works by recognising complex activity patterns and detecting anomalies. It then deploys a drone to investigate unexpected activity on behalf of the user. The drones will be designed to autonomously navigate through the property and provide a high-resolution video feed to the property owner.

Rather than having the drones constantly patrol the home, the drones will only respond when a system is triggered. For example, sensors will be placed around the home and if something unexpected triggers it a drone will be sent to monitor. Cameras and on-board sensors will enable the drone to navigate its way throughout the home and avoid collisions.

“Indoor drones don’t have easy access to GPS, so they rely on computer vision for collision avoidance,” Chief Product Officer Dan Kerzner noted. He declined to go into more detail about each drone component as the product is only in its underdeveloped stages.

The company has begun its development of both software and hardware and will be using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight platform. But it hasn’t finalised a name for its product just yet.

“This is a very interesting application for drones, which at their core are essentially flying cameras, and by using other advanced capabilities of our Snapdragon processors, is designing a whole new way to provide security to properties,” said Hugo Swart, senior director, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “The Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight platform pushes the boundaries of the drone industry and has led to many new form factors and use cases, and, with its security expertise, is taking commercial and residential security systems to the next level by integrating intelligent and cutting edge drones to its solutions.” is targeting a launch for their drone service at the end of 2017.

At CES, the company also quietly released something known as the Insights Engine.
It acts as a software that enables smart home devices, including drones (which we will be anticipating) in the future, to automatically register what is normal in and around a home or workplace. The system would also send alerts to users when something is out of the norm.