• DroneShield received an order for a high profile NATO Government security agency
  • Multiple acoustic sensor technology products to be installed at the facility
  • Initial and recurring revenue from installation and operation

UPDATE: Further to this announcement, it was revealed the buyer was from the department of the prime minister of Turkey; located in an area close to ISIS-related movements indeed!

DroneShield (ASX:DRO) has just announced another sale of their multi-sensor acoustic technology detection products, this time to a NATO security agency. The sale comes only a day after a previous bid was won to a high profile asian government department. The NATO member country will deploy the drone threat detection hardware to one of its agency facilities.

The sale comes at a financially positive cash flow, seeing $130,000 for the initial installation and an annual recurring cashflow of roughly $150,000 for the life of the installation. Recurring costs such as this are a step forward for the company in regards to profitability, where other anti-drone solutions may only charge for the sale of their product.

The buyer

While little information is known about the buyer, NATO borders are often in close proximity to Islamic State (ISIS) terrority. The facility is operated by a national security agency, and as such, are a high profile buyer.

ISIS has long been known for their use of using drones for surveillance and airborne explosives. Just last week Australian man Neil Prakash was arrested and was alleged to be part of an ISIS cell plotting to use explosive-laden drones to carry out their attacks. It’s reported a drone was found in Neil’s Melbourne home with the ability to fly an explosive payload up to almost 30km in distance.

The specifics

It’s reported the customer opted for advanced warning capabilities, paired with a requirement for immediate proximity warnings. The product combines the long range dish sensor (1km) and a number of omnidirectional detection sensors (“omni’s”) which provide 180 degree warning for a 150m range.

The detection sensors have considerable capabilities when it comes to drones with frequency hopping, allowing all major drone models to be covered regardless of their radio frequency attributes. Furthermore, the sensors rely on sound rather than site, are passive to the environment and have no export restrictions.

The DroneShield sale to a NATO national security agency is expected to set a benchmark for anti-terrorism drone use across the globe.

Who is DroneShield?

We first learned of DroneShield when it was announced they would be the ones protecting the Boston Marathon after the previous year’s fatal terrorist bombing. We thought that was a move that took integrity, not just trying to line their own pockets. When they announced they were opening up a Sydney office and doing an Australian IPO, we couldn’t miss the chance to invest!

The company is currently based in Sydney and Virginia, a world-wide leader in drone security technology. They developed the pre-eminent drone security solution (DroneShield) that protects people, organisations and critical infrastructure from intrusion from drones. Its leadership brings world-class expertise in engineering and physics, combined with deep experience in defence, intelligence, and aerospace. Heavy spending into its research sector has recently resulted in the DroneGun – a tactical anti-drone weapon capable of taking down drones peacefully within a nifty range.

The various uses of DroneShield technology (droneshield.com)

Can I invest in the company? How much are shares?

Yes you can! To invest in DroneShield, simply open an account with a broker (we use the CommSec app) and select DRO on the ASX to trade in shares. We’ve seen the price of shares hover between 0.190 – 0.220 for some time now, and with the release of the DroneGun, Dronshield hit around 0.24 a share. Further to the last few company announcements, we’ve seen the share price bounce between 0.230 – 0.270. DroneShield also keeps in touch with their investors in the latest news and press releases via ASX and via their investors portal.

Having some academics in DroneSec, we realize the importance of time and research. We believe that any research in the early stages of scientific developments needs a little incubation, and are positive the company will continue to grow into 2017 and beyond.

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ASX:DRO – Via google.com (5/12/16)