EDITORS NOTE: At first – we decided it may be a little biased of us to report on DroneSec as we invest in the company in the form of shares. This investment was made almost on the day of launch on the Australian Stock Market (ASX). We were unable to determine which angle to take on the story. When the DroneGun launched, we could barely contain our excitement, but still held off.

Now we have just received news that the DroneGun has made its first sale, and we are more passionate about this company, and this product than ever. We want to show the world – and with that, share our own investment portfolio and decision making process in that.

An unnamed customer has just purchased the DroneGun; the rifle-styled, handheld drone jammer device that looks like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. The forward-thinking customer will receive an anti-drone gun that brings drones to the ground gently – a stark difference to some of its competitors who use more brute-force like tactics with nets, eagles and fall-out-of-the-sky jamming techniques.

The DroneGun is highly effective at both 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz frequencies, often employed as the standard frequencies of consumer and commercial drones around the world. This is quite a different tune to their original product of drone detection devices, opting for the reactive measure of the DroneGun. Following closely on the ASX, we’ve often noticed high amounts of capital being funneled into ‘research purposes.’

It is unclear how many different types of drones the DroneGun appears work with, however frequency channels are for the most part consistent with most drones that haven’t had custom tinkering. It should be noted however, that the DroneGun sports a GPS-jamming capability, however is only available to customers where this form of drone-takedown is lawful.

Impressively, the device also features a “return home” function, which may assist security in tracking the drone back to its pilot. The DJI Phantom 3 functionality used to return to the last position where the pilot was geographically placed (static waypoint), however the new Phantom 4 will return to the pilot even if moved (dynamic waypoint). This means offending drone pilots will be easier to catch and potentially deter offenders from wrongdoing in the first place.

This is likely to be in scope with their current research spending, and most certainly a good investment at that – DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) has announced that in just one week the products has seen an unprecedented amount of interest. Enquiries by potential customers include military, government, law enforcement, corperate and VIPs from a plethora of countries. Security distributors have also shown interest in the tactical drone jammer, most likely looking to fill the global gap in a demand for effective drone countermeasures.

We’ve seen ‘no-drone’ zones pop up, and events like the Standing Rock protest in Dokata feature drone-heavy usage with countermeasures that simply involve rubber bullets or innefective shotgun shells. These types of anti-drone measures simply increase the risk of damaging the drone or evidence, and could mean potential legal liabilities for those defending land and public spaces. The DroneGun looks to change that, with an almost ‘gentle’ touch – one move we’re happy to see here at DroneSec in the event drones are to be taken down in public spaces where the safety of those below is paramount.

no drone zone
‘No drone zones’ have popped up around the globe – but offer little to no protection if an offense were to occur

DroneSec communicated with us that the first DroneGun has officially been sold at it’s full rate price, and shipped ready to be delivered to the customer. Details of the customer have been on a need-to-know basis, however some exciting news points to the customer utilizing the DroneGun for the protection of a multi-hundred million dollar maritime asset.

“the Company understands that the DroneGun unit shipped by the Company will be utilized for the protection of a multi-hundred million dollar maritime asset. “

Not one to give up on its other products, DroneShield is continually looking to the detection area, working with high-profile customers on it’s original product potentially being rolled out into a few other countries.

DroneShield recently gave an interview with RadioNewZealand (RNZ) about the DroneGun – some great insights from Oleg Vornik (CFO). You can listen online by clicking here.

Who is DroneShield?

We first learned of DroneShield when it was announced they would be the ones protecting the Boston Marathon after the previous year’s fatal terrorist bombing. We thought that was a move that took integrity, not just trying to line their own pockets. When they announced they were opening up a Sydney office and doing an Australian IPO, we couldn’t miss the chance to invest!

The company is currently based in Sydney and Virginia, a world-wide leader in drone security technology. They developed the pre-eminent drone security solution (DroneShield) that protects people, organisations and critical infrastructure from intrusion from drones. Its leadership brings world-class expertise in engineering and physics, combined with deep experience in defence, intelligence, and aerospace. Heavy spending into its research sector has recently resulted in the DroneGun – a tactical anti-drone weapon capable of taking down drones peacefully within a nifty range.

The various uses of DroneShield technology (droneshield.com)

Can I invest in the company? How much are shares?

Yes you can! To invest in DroneShield, simply open an account with a broker (we use the CommSec app) and select DRO on the ASX to trade in shares. We’ve seen the price of shares hover between 0.190 – 0.220 for some time now, and with the release of the DroneGun, Dronshield is currently at 0.24 a share. DroneShield also keeps in touch with their investors in the latest news and press releases via ASX and via their investors portal.

Having some academics in DroneSec, we realize the importance of time and research. We believe that any research in the early stages of scientific developments needs a little incubation, and are positive the company will continue to grow into 2017 and beyond.

droneshield invest
ASX:DRO – Via google.com (5/12/16)