DEUTSCHE TELEKOM (DT) has confirmed development is underway for an anti-drone system in hopes of keeping drones away from airports, stadiums and test tracks.

Also the parent company of T-Mobile, DT suggests the anti-drone defense system could launch as early as this year.

DroneSec understands a number of car manufacturers are suddenly realizing the big business behind anti-drone defense systems, in their bid to curb journalists and competitors using drones to capture vision of prototype and confidential pre-production vehicles.

paparazzi drones corperate espionage
People are becoming increasingly wary of drones being used by paparazzi and for corperate espionage. (

The company, which is based in Germany, tested the system in July, looking at detecting drones from a number of vectors including audio sensors, frequency scanners and cameras.

Note the word detect, rather than react. It is illegal to take down trespassing drones in Germany, so more peaceful methods of reaction may take place – such as forcing a drone to ‘return-home’ via GPS spoofing or signal jamming.

This is obviously quite different to methods used by police using weaponry, nets or eagles as a method of force.

Sources from Welt am Sonntag believe the system involves collaboration from Anti-drone defense company Dedrone (home of the famous DroneTracker), a US-based company focused on detecting drones.

So far DroneSec has seen a number of grassroots companies and startups look towards commercial drone defense systems, however not so much the larger players. It is only a matter of time before large companies with a long history in military security possibly capitalize on the new revenue stream of commercial anti-drone defense systems.

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