THERE IS EVIDENCE that IS has used drones in Syria and Iraq, so as to gather information and engage in propaganda for terror. The same thing can happen in other countries, as well. Especially with the drones available for purchase in every store, there is a plethora of options for everyone interested in using them for whatever reason. People can even use them for a terror act since drones can carry explosives or chemicals and spread them around. Imagine the possibilities unveiled before the eyes of terrorists, who can now remotely control a drone and succeed in their goals.

IS and Fear of Terror Acts

In the UK and all over the world, there are fears of drones dropping and unleashing terror to the people. With their prior experience in the Middle East, the terrorists can use unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance and identification of the best place to attack. They can also gather classified information and get the necessary pictures or videos, in order to create propagandist material. As a result, the UK government is calling for tighter safety measures that are similar to the ones already in use by the US and Ireland. According to these safety measures, there will be strict registration of each drone. Just like the purchase of a gun, it will be a good idea for those who buy drones to get a license. This will hopefully prevent uncontrolled use of drones to some extent.

Additional Safety Precautions for Drones

Besides registering the drones, another option is to allow geo-fencing in avoidance of terror acts. This means that drones will not be allowed to fly over specific areas of interest. It might sound too invasive, but it is doable and will offer thorough protection against terror attacks. Manufacturers have already been informed about the option of geo-fencing, so as to make them unable to operate without any control. Additional security measures include the visual contact of the drone operator and the vehicle at all times, as well as a limit of the highest altitude for flying.

With terror spreading its wings all over Europe and the world, it goes without even saying that new safety precautions should be put into effect. Even if these precautions do not apply to all unmanned aircrafts’, they ought to apply to those that can carry some weight on them. These can threaten the world, as they have got more capabilities than plain drones. Crowded places are easy targets for the terrorists, and the drones may wreak havoc in stadiums, squares and theaters, airports and literally everywhere.