WITH THE RECENT popularization of drones, some drone security startups have been noticing an increasing number of unmanned aircraft in our airways. Although some of these aircraft are piloted by experienced commercial operators, the majority of new drones are piloted by individuals who have little no experience, and as such some serious concerns have arisen. Drones are frequently spotted flying over crowded areas, like concerts or parades, and scarier still, over government buildings, military bases, and even airports! If these inexperienced pilots can unwillingly pose such a threat, what is the potential of a skilled operator with malicious intent? It wouldn’t be that hard to fly a bomb or chemical weapon over the fence of the Whitehouse or in front of a plane landing on an active runway. As scary as the possibilities may be, it’s somewhat comforting to know that a variety of start-ups have decided to take action

Drone Shield 

Drone Shield is a cutting edge developer of drone detection technology. They offer a range of acoustic sensors paired with an intuitive UI system. These sensors can be placed around airports, prisons, government buildings or military facilities. These sensors provide advanced warning of a drone entering a your airspace, and then provide security personnel with accurate location data allowing a team to intervene swiftly and effectively. Drone Shield also recently joined the Australian Stock Market (ASX) in which investors can buy shares in the company.

DroneShield drone security startup
Drone Shield, a drone security startup, recently used their technology to protect against the Boston Marathon



SkyWall is literally something out of a James Bond movie. SkyWall has created a shoulder mounted rocket type weapon with the sole purpose of intercepting drones. This innovative defense system can be loaded with a variety of projectiles. To explain how it works, the launcher uses guidance technology to lock onto a drone in flight, the operator then fires a projectile. Typically, the projectile is a net that opens over the drone disabling it instantly. Other projectiles include a net with a parachute so the drone lowers safely to the ground. Either way, it’s an extremely effective and cost effective system. If paired with an adequate detection system, this might just be the most effective solution out there. Just wait until they mount these turret style, link them to a drone detection system, and fully automate the target and engage functions. No official plans but you have to admit that would be a formidable opponent for any rogue drone!


SKYSAFE is an absolutely incredible breakthrough in the world of startup drone security/defense. They offer not on an advanced detection system, but also a mobile app integrated with that detection system. The mobile app displays any aircraft within range, providing the ability to soft disable or hard disable the aircraft with a push of a button. Most companies so far have either provided a detection service, or a hardware device for physically destroying or landing the drone. SKYSAFE however effectively provides both in a seamless easy to use package.