On Tuesday night, a drone loaded with up to 6 pounds of methamphetamine, crashed in a Mexican parking lot near the Californian border on Tuesday.

It was reported that the unmanned craft, carrying the prohibited substance, fell from the sky where it crashed in a parking lot of a supermarket in Tijuana around 10 p.m. Officials say it may have crashed because it was overloaded.

Drone that was found in the parking lot carrying 6 lbs of methamphetamine

Tijuana police said an anonymous citizen reported finding the drone in the parking lot. The 6 pounds of methamphetamine had a street value of roughly $21,000 US dollars.

Recent reports show that drones are increasingly being used to traffic drugs over the Mexican/US border. Although the quantity that can be carried by a drone is significantly smaller, the risk of being caught is drastically reduced, according to officials.

Worldwide, this illegal practice has also been reported to smuggle drugs into prisons. Not only drugs but it has been reported that mobile phones and USB’s have also been smuggled into prisons by unmanned drones. British media repo

rted in February that there were more than 30 incidents last year in which drones were found in or around prisons.

Australia has also had its own problems with drones after a drone was detected over Goulburn jail in December last year.

Image result for drone smuggles drugs into prison
Drones are now being used to smuggle drugs and mobile phones into prisons

A spokesman for the NSW Department of Corrective Services said an officer in a tower saw the drone 100 metres above the main part of the prison.

“The officer moved out of the tower along the catwalk towards the drone, which flew away from the prison until it was no longer visible. Officers searched the prison and nothing was found,” he said.

Corrective Services Minister David Elliott said the events did not come as a surprise.

“Technology is getting better, prisoners are getting access and the criminal element is getting access to that technology,” he said.

These incidents are hardly the first time and will surely not be the last. With drones being inexpensive and easily accessible, we will begin to see the creativity and potential of drones in carrying out illegal tasks but hopefully we will also see the good that it can bring about.