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GoPro Karma drone crashes through New York apartment

karma drone crash

A pilot flying GoPro's flagship hobby drone, the Karma, has ended up crashing into the window of a Manhattan apartment. The apartment was on the 27th floor, with the 65 year old woman being startled as she worked on her computer. It was around 5:45pm on Sunday when the drone barged into the East River high rise apartment, breaking through...

Out of control drone knocks out woman, lands pilot in jail

drone crowd

A drone pilot based in Seattle has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after he lost control of the drone and crashed it into a crowd. The culprit, Paul Skinner, 38, was found guilty of reckless handling after losing control of his drone during a parade, and knocking a woman in the crowd unconscious. According to police reports, the 25-year-old woman was standing in...

Iran bans drones in Tehran over security concerns

tehran drone

Iran has placed a ban on privately owned drones from flying over Tehran following shooting down of two drones in the past weeks due to security concerns. Military officials have been said to grant licenses only to relevant bodies, but no more to individuals. Drones have seen a rising popularity in Tehran, and have already begun to upset the locals by invading their privacy. Ali Reza Rabi'i, the deputy commander...

From drone-defense to drone-protection, Amazon’s new security patent

Amazon Drone Patent

It began with a few rumors, quirky youtube videos and 'insider scoops' - the future was here, drones were to be used for delivery. Amazon was to send items to their customers through the use of commercial drones. However, malicious reality soon struck. As simple as it was to get the idea up in the air, others were proving it even simpler to...

NASA, AT&T watchdog technology to monitor all drones

NASA and AT&T drone monitoring system

AT&T has earned it's reputation to become the third largest telecommunications company in the world. Now the company wants to pair with NASA and serve as a watchdog for all drones within the United States - and in the process, become a main icon in supervising the national airspace. On 10th November, AT&T announced that they would be collaborating with...

Defibrillator-Equipped Drone the Next ‘Shocking’ Thing

Defibrillator Drone

When a heart stops beating it is a matter of minutes between life and death. Limited access to a defibrillator makes the chance of survival ever slimmer. For many worldwide, fire trucks and ambulances are unable to make it to the scene fast enough. On average, only 10 per cent of those who suffer cardiac arrest, outside of hospital, survive....

Porter Aircraft May Have Narrowly Avoided Drone

Porter Plane Misses Possible Drone

Evasive action was taken during a Porter airlines flight to avoid a flying object, which may have been a drone, as the plane approached Toronto's downtown airport on Monday morning. Of the 54 passengers on board, none were injured during the incident. It is currently being investigated by the Transportation Safety Board (TSB). The TSB said the "risk of mid-air collision"...

Dubai Deploys ‘Drone Hunter’ to Secure Airport

Dubai Drone Hunter

Dubai airport, the third busiest in the world, has already been forced to shut four times this year because of unauthorized drone activity, creating a headache for airlines and their passengers. The most recent closure lasted for 90 minutes on Oct. 29, in which 22 flights had to be diverted to other airports. Each shutdown costs the airport approximately $1...

Aussie man investigated for using drone to pick up sausage

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

COULD THIS MAN be Australian of the year? According to everyone on social media he may very well be a hero. A recent social media video that went viral after a man, who only wants to be know as 'Tim', used his drone to fly to a local hardware store to pick up a sausage in bread. https://twitter.com/Tommy_A7/status/796138946812002304 Drone footage obtained...

Commercial Drones Used by Iraqi Forces to Battle Car Bombs

Iraqi drone

On the Mosul front lines, Iraqi forces have found a new tool to counter the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group’s suicide car bombs: small commercial drones. The Mosul offensive has slowed in recent days as Iraqi forces have pushed into more densely populated areas, where they cannot rely as much on airstrikes and shelling because of the...

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