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Best Practice For Drone Data Protection

best practice drone data

DAVID WALTERS Following on from my recent article about "Drone Data Security", I thought I'd share some Pre Flight and Post Mission procedures that may be of help when considering your customers data security requirements. These are based on my experiences of UAS operations and best practice handling of client data over the years. Client Ask your clients about their data...

Amateur drone pilot casually lands drone on Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth


A drone pilot faced next to no hurdles while landing his $500 Parrot Bebop drone on Britain's largest warship - HMS Queen Elizabeth. Last month, the unnamed drone pilot managed to capture a video footage of the landing on the 920ft carrier docked at Scottish Highlands port Invergordon and then took a few snapshots of the warship before posting them on Facebook. The...

Why UAV telemetry data is a cyber/physical security risk

DAVID KOVAR I’ve been talking about the potential risks of an adversary gaining access to your UAV telemetry data for quite some time. People are most concerned about their sensor data, the actual imagery or chemical levels or whatever the sensor is collecting. Yes, this is very valuable data but it is relatively easy to determine if it is being...

Australian charged with espionage using drone to film rally

drone rally spy arrest

Australian filmmaker James Ricketson has been charged with espionage by Cambodian police, after he was caught flying a DJI Phantom drone over a CNRP opposition party campaign rally. On Friday, the Phnom Penh Court charged Mr Ricketson with collecting information prejudicial to national defense - a sentence punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The exact details surrounding the arrest...

DroneSec Podcast #1 – Giant Mechanical Geese from Hell

drone security podcast

Episode #1 - w/ David Hambling In this episode, we speak with internationally recognised journalist and author David Hambling. Drone Swarms is the topic of the day, as well as discussing the counter-drone landscape and its relation to the commercial vs military innovation race. As promised, listeners can receive a copy of David's book for FREE today only on Amazon....

US Army releases counter-drone techniques training document

dronesec counter-uav

The US army has released a training guide documenting the various techniques for offensive and defensive drone mitigation. Titled 'Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Techniques', the guide addresses the pressing defensive capabilities sought after by military and public businesses alike. Needs & Considerations For quite some time, UAS have become an increasing threat to life in the Middle East. Dropping payloads in the...

Thieves are using open-source drone footage to plan heists

drone thieves fire station

The proliferation of image sharing via social media has often been touted as an opportunity for thieves to gather Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on potential targets. More recently however, drone footage posted online has provided intricate details to surrounding buildings and environments of interest. A more comprehensive view than Google Earth or Street View, even innocent pilots taking in the sights have had their...

Drone used against rhino poachers in South Africa

drone poaching

Poaching of ivory has rocked Africa for many years, leaving thousands of innocent animals killed for their tusks, horns or skins. It's a horrific trade that has been slowly slipping down the African Savannah towards the South African border. Recent films such as 'The Ivory Game' highlighted the difficulties rangers face in both the field and abroad, attempting to cull...

Anti-drone system being developed by Deutsche Telekom

DEUTSCHE TELEKOM (DT) has confirmed development is underway for an anti-drone system in hopes of keeping drones away from airports, stadiums and test tracks. Also the parent company of T-Mobile, DT suggests the anti-drone defense system could launch as early as this year. DroneSec understands a number of car manufacturers are suddenly realizing the big business behind anti-drone defense systems, in...

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